Chaimwitz is a closet dog grooming magazine fan and an ingratiating, over-inflated, social liberal type. Although he would never admit to it openly, he quite fancies flipping through the pages of Sit Ubu Magazine whilst listening to Liza Minnelli. Chaimwitz is well educated and can express a wide spectrum of emotions in four vastly different tongues – English, German, Hungarian and Hebrew. When visiting Miskolc in Hungary, he likes to order Villásreggeli breakfasts in German. “With a fork!” he’ll exclaim smugly in an attempt to confuse waitresses. Villásreggeli literally meaning “breakfast with fork” in German. The waitress of course would no doubt have heard this joke many times already.

2 thoughts on “Chaimwitz

  1. Hi, i love this one. Is it available or could i order one. Or do u only do one-off designs?

    Fellow durbanite designer


    1. Hi there, glad you like. Unfortunately Chaimwitz was sold yesterday. I only do one-off designs, main reason – I don’t know how to duplicate them 🙂
      Keep an eye on the blog, I upload new ones as soon as they are done.


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